Friday, February 08, 2008

We have been busy! Carly is 4 weeks old now, Greg has started working in Tyler and driving back and forthm and we just had my friend Tiana and her almost-3-year-old daughter Kennedy here for a week. It was so much fun! We went everywhere with our three kids. I really figured out the logistics of getting my two in and out of the car in a variety of different scenarios. It's not as hard as I thought! We were even brave (or naive) enough to eat at PF Changs and TGIFridays with them. We totally shopped till we dropped and it was the best thing ever. Now I'm back to my boring stay-home lifestyle but I'm getting caught up on the rest I deprived myself of last week.

Caleb and Kennedy played really well together, but I think towards the end of their stay they were getting a little sick of each other because they both had bad attitudes and behavior more than normal. Greg got some great pictures of them playing at the park and I got a few other random cute ones.

I had a post-baby shower last weekend too. It was originally scheduled for Jan 11th, but since Carly was born on the 10th it had to be rescheduled. I got a few pics of that, although I didn't get a pic of the hostesses or the guest of honor, and she looked cute too! I'll have to dress her in the same outfit and stage a pic for the scrapbook I guess.

Greg has started working out of the Longview claims office, which means he has to physically be in East Texas a few days a week. This week was the first time he left for more than 24 hours, but Tiana was here so I didn't get the full dose of single momdom this time. Next week I'm on my own though. I don't think it should be that hard, just exhausting since Carly is still so little. When she starts sleeping through the night though, it will be cake. I think this situation will be harder on Greg than me though, because he is the one practically living in two places. Driving 2.5 hours one way every trip isn't helping either. We really need to figure out a way for us to all move there even without selling the house. We thought about finding a renter but we would have to come off the price to get someone in here. The rent house across the street has a hard time finding tenants and there rent is lower than ours would have to be. We could lower it enough that we can still afford the payment while paying cheap rent in Tyler too, but then what about the sale situation? Would a renter clean the house up nice for showings? We really need to find a solution to this. I just don't know if the house will ever sell. It's about 2 weeks shy of a year on the market. The odds are stacking against us every day it sits here.


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