Monday, November 20, 2006

Who needs a job when you have a boy??


This might be the quietest moment I've had in 5 days!! And I'm finally alone. Greg took off Thursday and Friday of last week and it was great having him around. But I'm glad for some me time every now and then!

I just got finished cleaning up a broken jar of prunes from the kitchen floor. Talk about nasty. It HAD to be the one type of jarred food I buy that stains, too. Not the pears or the applesauce, or even the peas. The good thing was I got to get out my nifty Hoover Floormate and do some serious floor cleaning! woohoo

We knocked the crap out of the Christmas shopping last week, and even wrapped a few! Then Friday we spent doing house chores, and I painted a chair-rail border in the bathroom with a neat stamp... then decided it needed a little more, so Saturday I taped a pattern on the wall and Sunday I painted black stripes!! It sounds horrendous, but it turned out cute. I think the pic does it justice. I do need to do some touch ups before the baby party though.

Saturday we went out to my grandparents to help them pull their potted plants into the greenhouse, and knew that they were having their septic tank pumped that morning. When we got there discovered that their toilets were still all clogged up and no plumbers were answering (it is hunting season and football too!) So Greg got to dig a hole and find the clog in their septic system line. YUCK! So now he's a plumber.. without the whole buttcrack thing.. hehe. When we (I say "we", although I did almost nothing.. I held Caleb the whole time because I couldn't put him down on the floor after it had been stepped on after sloshing around in a bathroom with an overflowing toilet. GROSS) got that situated we made it back home in time to have Thanksgiving dinner with our neighbors out in their driveway. It was a potluck street gathering thing and it was pretty fun, although and little chilly for my liking. I got to see my neighbor's new used piano, and I almost cried out of sheer jealousy. That is THE ONLY THING ON MY CHRISTMAS WISH LIST THIS YEAR!!

Sunday was church. We had to pick Caleb up early from the nursery because they said he was acting "not like himself" which means he whined a little, which is not normal at all for him. Greg said, "That's the bad thing with having such a perfect baby - if he so much as fusses they call us since it's so rare." He WAS acting funny, but he didn't have a fever and I couldn't think of anything I ate or he ate that would be bothering his tummy, and he wasn't snotty or overtired, so it was a mystery. I think we figured out it was the fact that he hates overalls. Seriously, we had to pick our child up early from the nursery because he was cranky about having to crawl around in overalls. His legs kept getting caught and then they would pull down on his shoulders and generally annoy him. I guess the crying part was he wanted everyone to know about it!!

This morning I ordered a cake for the baby party, and did my grocery game thing. Then there was that shattered prune jar.

Still left to do before noon tomorrow:
Finish washing and folding laundry
pack my stuff
pack Caleb's stuff
try to fit it all in one suitcase
Journey to Bethlehem practice tonight
touch up the bathroom paint
eat all the leftovers in the house and finish drinking the milk (hard to do when you can't actually physically drink it)

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