Monday, November 27, 2006

The Car Story

Since we left W'house a day early, we had no real plans for the evening so we decided to stop by Carmax in Arlington. Looking for an Explorer or a Trailblazer with a third row seat (no particular reason except nonspecific future family growth)We saw three that suited our price range, so I emailed the sales dept when we got home. On a whim, the next morning we washed and vacuumed our Highlander (yeah, the one we bought in February of this year) and took off toward Carmax again. Greg drove the pretty maroon trailblazer while I sat in the back with Caleb, then we switched. I nearly wrecked the stupid thing, and Caleb cried the whole time... we took it as a sign that this was not the vehicle for us! ha. So, on another whim, we decided to drop by the Chevy dealer and ask about prices on new Trailblazers. Much to our dismay, the salesguy told us they no longer make EXT trailblazers with third row seats, "but we do have the Tahoe, which is a much better ride anyway." YEAH RIGHT. Well, one red tag clearance price and about four hours later, we drove home in a brand new Tahoe. Yeah, we are ridiculous. But there is that third row seat!!

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