Monday, November 20, 2006

To Do

"No pictures please paparazzi!"

I meant to put this in my blog from earlier today:

MY CRRRRRazy schedule for the next, oh, month:
Thursday 23rd- Thanksgiving of course (Whitehouse)
Friday 24th- scramble back home and clean house like a madwoman
Saturday 25th- 50th anniversary celebration ALL DAY
Sunday 26th- baby shower at my house
Monday 27th- ahhhh, take a short break and then start putting up Christmas decor
Wednesday 29th- Happy Birthday Cody!!
Friday 1st- Bunko Party at my house
Saturday 2nd- Journey to Bethlehem Dress Rehearsal
Sunday 3rd - Choir Musical in both AM services
Wednesday 6th - Pick up Tiana from DFW
Thursday 7th - JTB
Friday 8th - JTB
Saturday 9th - JTB
Sunday 10th - JTB
Friday 15th - dinner and drinks with bunko girls
Satuday 16th - Sunday School Christmas party
another lull in the activity until...
Sunday 24th - CHRISTMAS EVE!!!

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Cratin said...

at least it's fun stuff!