Monday, November 27, 2006

The Parties Story

I need to write this one down before I forget!!
Chapter One: The Anniversary Party
After months of planning on her part, Grandma's party day was finally here on Saturday the 25th. The party was supposed to be from 1pm to 3pm, so naturally we all arrived at 8:00am-ish to get set up. The Botanic Gardens were absolutely beautiful and the weather was just warm enough that I needed a sweater when the breeze blew, but was warm in the sun. We set up tables in the party room, arranged flowers and photo frames on the display tables. When we got to the wedding table, the one where Grandpa made a gorgeous backdrop to hang Grandma's wedding dress, someone discovered that the weedding pictures had been left at home. Only the most important box of photos! Luckily, Uncle Tim had just left and was able to turn around (however stressful it may have been with two boys in the car!) and got the boxes and still arrived on time for pictures. Everyone was freaking (except for me and Melody) for a few minutes until Tim saved the day. Way to go!

Picture time! They hired a professional to take family pictures out in the gardens. BEAUTIFUL!!!! I can't wait to see them, but I did get a glance at my family shot on the photog's digital and it was a great shot with the sun behind us making a kind of halo around our family. I think Caleb was even smiling. Everyone was great for pictures, and it went much quicker than I imagined it would. So we had a few minuutes to stroll around and look for snapshot backgrounds. Melody took a few great ones of us and we got a good Christmas card pic. I took a few of her and Naeole, including one disgustingly cute kissy picture. (Puking at the romanticness)

Family Time before the party! Grandma and Grandpa both wrote out how to have a fifty year marriage. Their tips were not-surprisingly similar to each others! After a few tears, Grandpa presented Grandma with a beautiful diamond necklace, more tears. My favorite part of that was when she read his note out loud and he said "I love you Mrs. Willis." So genuinely sweet!

Party time! People started piling in at 12:30 so about 12:50 we opened the buffet line. You should have seen the line to sign the guestbook and get in the door. It was amazing. Lots of mingling, taking pictures of strangers, showing off my son, the first great-grandson, and a bit of eating! 3 o'clock rolled around rather quickly and we packed up and got out of there by 4:30.

Ran home to clean house for party #2!

Chapter Two: Baby Shower
There was not nearly so much drama this time. Shelley brought a huge vat of yummy chicken spaghetti, of which there was hardly any leftover, Tammy brought the bread and salad, and I brewed about five pitchers of tea. Special thanks to my sweet neighbor for letting me borrow her coffee pot! (Not that she'll ever read this, but still) The food was perfectly organized, and I think everyone enjoyed the menu. The gift opening was also fun, and we didn't play any silly games. Cake was cute and yummy and almost not big enough! I really should have made cookies or something to help the cake go further. I think there was one piece left, and they were small pieces. All in all, a great party. I hope the guests of honor, Angela and Tim, feel the same! thanks to my Aunts and mom for bringing everything. All I did was clean the kitchen and straighten the house. It was the best kind of party to have at your house- the kind you do basically nothing for!

The End


toadman said...

We had a great time at the Baby Shower Lex.. thanks for letting me stay. I personally had a wonderful time with all the women around...much better than hanging around a bunch of stinky men.

Thanks for all your hard work!!!

Love to all...

Lexi said...

ehhhh, it was nothing!