Friday, December 31, 2010

She's a genius, with no lack of confidence.

Tonight's dinner conversation. New Year's Eve pizza in the living room on TV trays watching college football bowl games.

Caleb: Daddy, do you know everything?
Greg: No, I don't know everything.
Me: But he does know a LOT!
Caleb: Well, who knows everything?
Me: GOD is the only one who knows everything.

three-second pause

Carly: And me. I know everything too.
Me: No, Carly, you don't know everything, only God knows everything.
Carly: Yes I do.
Me: No, you don't.
Carly: Yes, I do!

....I could go on, but do you need any more proof that she is already a know-it-all? I thought not.

Also overheard during dinner tonight:

Greg, to Caleb: The older you get, the more you'll learn. Then the older you get the more you forget.

I think that bears repeating: The older you get, the more you forget! I'll have to remember that one.. hardyharhar.

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SisterOne said...

Wow! Wonder where she gets that? Hehehehehehe!