Saturday, December 25, 2010


Two days before Christmas, we made sugar cookies and decorated them with icing, sprinkles, raisins, marshmallows, and candy-covered sunflower seeds (pantry cleanout!). The kids had a blast!

Caleb with all our masterpieces

Carly's cookies

Caleb's cookies

Christmas Eve, our family of four opened gifts to and from each other. This year, we took each of the kids shopping separately and had them pick out a gift for their sibling, mommy, and daddy. We tried to focus on giving much more than what they would receive. So this little Christmas Eve exercise was perfect because we had lots of time to focus on each gift, and make sure to thank the giver of the gift. Caleb got great joy out of seeing Carly open the gift he picked out for her. And Carly was really excited to tell Caleb that she picked out the red bow on his gift because he loves red. So cute!

Caleb helped hand out gifts

Carly gave him a dart gun! Fun times ahead!

Carly getting excited

This is a big box! Need to stand up to open it!

Caleb waiting and watching patiently

New Barbie! It's a "flying ballerina Barbie"

Setting out milk and cookies for Santa! So excited!!!

And then Santa came! The whole stash:

Caleb's pile:

Carly's pile:

Their shared gifts:

Christmas morning! Caleb sorting through his stuff:

Carly looking at her stash:

They each got a recorder in their stockings. Yeah, thanks a lot, Santa. *headslap*

Carly got some Dora earrings in her stocking. They lasted about 4.7 seconds on her ears. Just long enough to get a picture!

More to come! Merry Christmas everyone!

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