Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Again!

Christmas Day, my mom and brother came over for lunch and presents. This is Mamaw's last holiday with us before she goes to Africa in February! We posed the kiddos and got some great shots with her. This one is my favorite:

Carly shows off one present. Toy Storyyyyyy!

Caleb loved his watercolor set from Aunt Melody! In fact, both kids got a set and both love it!

Proof that Uncle Cody was here:

A little down time on Christmas afternoon. This was a huge treat for them. Normally we don't let the kids in our bed, ever! But the grownups were watching football or basketball or some other such sport in the living room, and they got the boot! (Caleb wasn't sleeping.. I think he blinked)

Even more to come!

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