Monday, December 20, 2010

Scenes of the Season

Funny little double-jointed elf helping decorate the house

That pair of legs at the top of the ladder belong to my 75-year-old Grandpa. He built me a swing for Christmas and came prepared to hang it for me too!

Testing it out. Carly was still wondering where her blue baby swing went so we could put the new one up.

Will it hold???

We had round one of gift-giving with Greg's family. All the kids got very large stuffed animals. Carly, being very afraid of dogs, did her death-shake at the first glimpse of it, then realized it was soft and fuzzy and not going to eat her and tolerated it. She still doesn't allow it in her bed at night. Caleb, on the other hand, had his dog named -- Fluffly -- by within a few hours and has slept with - no, under - it every night since. Happy Time!

See, Caleb was already burying himself with Fluffly, and Carly was doing her best to hold it at arms length. Except it is longer than her arm's length! (She does like it, but was not sure at first)

Obligatory present-unwrapping photo:

Christmas can wear anyone out! I love this because of all the beautiful fabrics surrounding my beautiful baby girl. Two of my favorite things!

And just so you know,even though she's wearing the same outfit, these picture were taken on different days. Carly wears her Christmas dress at least twice a week, and to pretty much any function that results in photos being taken. We both love it that much!

And here's my Christmas card display this year. I posted a question on Facebook and got lots of great ideas for where I should display them. This was my favorite idea and worked perfectly for our house. And, because I'm nice, I cropped the mauve 80s pineapple wallpaper border out of the photo. No one should have to see that. :)

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