Monday, December 15, 2008

It's CHRISTmas!!!

We say Merry Christmas around here. It's because we celebrate Christmas. I realize that there are other holidays out there, (and i do mean, out there..) but my family celebrates the original one. The reason the "Holiday Season" was invented. The birth of Jesus. I don't really care if it is offensive to you. "Happy Holidays" offends me but I don't whine and cry and file lawsuits about it. So, anyway.


Christmas Card Photo Shoot-- what a joke!! This was directly after Caleb threw himself on the floor and screeched and flopped for a good 20 minutes, all because he wanted a snack and I told him no. I'm talking devil-child, screaming and kicking the floor. And then this:

Sweet little angel huh? Yeah. Right. You should have been there. (I have nicknamed this picture "Toddlers for Change" because it looks like the most commonly seen pose of our new pres-elect. SNOBBY!)

Then Carly joined the fun:

On another day, I tried Caleb's little Santa suit on Carly, to get one of those "twins two years apart" pictures. Pretty neat! Here's how that progression went:

Starting to frown a little

Escape to the bricks:

I put her back in her spot one more time...
AAAAAAAnd we're done.

One last torture shot for good measure:

Fun stuff huh?


Mberenis said...
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cast in the name of god, ye not guilty said...

You know, your Jesus also taught his followers to be loving and kind to all people. Happy Holidays is your way of showing that you respect other people's beliefs, which is kind. It shouldn't offend you that people are trying to be kinder to one another, rather than getting into arbitrary arguments about who's religion is the 'original one'.

For that matter, Winter Solstice celebrations predate Christmas celebrations by several thousand years. When the Catholic church deemed it too pagan, they re-appropriated it to become the Christmas we know now. Gotta love that old pope.

The kids look cute. I can't believe how adorable Carly is in the Santa suit... I showed my coworkers and they loved it!

SisterOne said...

Your blog loads fine for me... Great pics, ahhh memories! Merry Christmas!

Lexi said...

Melody you make me sad with your comments. I wish I could just blog about what I feel without you trying to politically inform me of how wrong "my" Jesus is. I am also deeply saddened that you feel He can't be YOUR Jesus anymore. I'm praying for you.

He knows the plans... said... you went private, huh? I'm sad my the sister drama/comments too. It will all work out. Right now, all you can do is have faith in what you believe it true. Merry Christmas from the Darlings!