Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas: Round Two!

Christmas eve/morning was so much fun this year! Caleb knew Santa was coming, so we had the hardest time getting him to go to sleep.. He went to bed around 8:30 and was still awake at 10:30!!! He finally gave it up around 10:45pm. We were amazed. Mom and Cody came in around 10:15 and were not expecting to hear Caleb singing the ABC's at that time of night.. crazy boy!

Caleb woke us up around 7:15 am (according to Cody, he had been up waiting at his gate since 6:00am!!!) and we commenced the Santa-ing. Carly woke up very soon after Caleb did, so they both got to check out what Santa left them. Fun stuff! Caleb got exactly what he asked for and more! He got a hat, train, and boat (his list), and he also got a sock monkey, a Curious George monkey and book (we are into monkeys these days), and toy lawn mower, and a bike helmet. A few little things in his stocking were bubbles, bugs, dinosaurs, and phonics flash cards. (He totally threw those aside, ha!)

Carly got a beanbag chair (so she would stop stealing Caleb's -- it did not work), a girl sock monkey, and a play food set. She starting chewing on the plastic food right away! She also got a little pony in her stocking. She did not get as much as Caleb did because 1) she doesn't care 2) What does an 11-month-old really need from Santa 3) she won't remember it anyway! 4) we are saving that money as long as we can.

Then we opened presents with Cody and mom. Caleb really got some good loot this year! His favorite toy BY FAR, is the BIIIIIIIIIIG truck from Mawmaw. It's a 18-wheeler car carrier, and it is huge, and awesome! While we were unboxing it, he kept saying, "That's a big truck!" Mawmaw also brought the gifts from Aunt Melody, and Caleb's was a big wheel! It is completely awesome too.

Caleb saying, "hurry up people!"

Cody saying, "WHY are the intructions all in pictures?"

Greg saying, "I'm glad I"m not doing this alone!"

Caleb saying, "Alright, lemme in here to get it done right!"


Test drive

he LOVES it!!

Carly got some awesome stuff for her room, which is very much needed, and some new outfits, pajamas, and books.

After lunch, we were off to Jacksonville to see Grandad Roy and Mona. My great-grandmother Isabelle was there too. We got a picture with FIVE generations in one room.. amazing!! I am sad that it is blurry, but there were three cameras flashing, so maybe someone else got a good one. My favorite is the picture with Carly sitting in her great-great-grandmother's lap! That is rare!

We also dropped by Grannie's house in town, and I saw two aunts I haven't seen in quite a while. My dad, his mom, and both his sisters were in the same place at the same time for the first time in I don't know when!! Of course I got a picture of that too.

There were more people there, but this is as many as we could get to stand still long enough for a picture


Here are a few more pictures of random stuff

Redneck baby!

Is this not one of the cutest things you've ever seen???

The kiddos and Mawmaw

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