Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas: Round 1!!

We had a lovely weekend with the Rices and the Lyles'. (<---- The punctuation right there is too advanced for me to figure out, so I did my best guess!) Caleb and Carly had lots of fun with their cousins, Janell and Isaac. It was warm enough to play outside without jackets, so there was a lot of in and out. Caleb and Carly got a cool Radio Flyer wagon to share, and both of them just love it! It has two seats, with seatbelts (!), so we can now drag them down the road together! Carly LOVED riding in it with her new dolls. We already talked with Caleb about how fun it will be to ride down to McD's and play. The only thing we'll have to do is make sure he doesn't kick her in the face! Caleb other favorite gift was two new Thomas trains from Aunt Heather and Uncle Marshall. He now has three trains and we had them all going at once on his track. It is fun and noisy and takes a lot of concentration on mom and dad's part to keep them from colliding! They have been confiscated for the moment because he lost his temper and threw them on the floor in one of those moods he gets in.

Yay for a girly girl!

Playing with her new toys

Caleb showing off one of his new trains!! He is so proud of them!

Of course, the box picture.

The coolest wagon ever!

Going for a ride

We are eagerly awaiting Wednesday night - it is Santa's first official visit to our house!!


SisterOne said...

Cute! Can's wait to see the little rascals!

Grandma said...

What a great wagon for your beautiful babes! Of course it won't be long until Caleb is the puller, you know!
Merry Christmas from Grandma