Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas: Round Three!!

Saturday we had our final Christmas celebration with Dad, Melinda, Grannie and Tracy. Grant (step-brother) came for a little while too, to meet our babies. It was fun! Caleb got a new carseat that will last him forever, and Carly got a new cover to put onto Caleb's seat. We should be fixed up for carseats forever now. (THANKS DAD AND MEL!!) Both kids had a blast climbing on the carseat box, and then making a slide out of it. Caleb also got a big new Cars (the movie) puzzle, which he loves a lot. Carly added another new baby to her collection.. but really, can a girl have too many babies? :)

Caleb is really into opening the presents this year. He kept saying, "I want to open another one." So I think he opened all of Greg's, and most of mine!

Carly did pretty good ripping into her packages!

The big box:

The big box slide:

Crazy things happen here!!

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