Tuesday, April 08, 2008

We're here! (or there, depending on where you are)

Now that I've got my own computer hooked back up, I feel like we are finished. We are all moved in to our new-to-us house in Tyler. It is a cool older house with the neatest nuances, like brick floors for one. Pretty neat. The move went well, and there were only a couple of dings on my furniture.

Carly doesn't know we moved, but I think she likes her new room/bed, because she is sleeping well!! Two nights in a row of 10pm - 8am. Fingers crossed, knocking on wood, salt over the shoulder, etc.!!!

Caleb is not adjusting all that well, which doesn't really surprise me. Every time we leave the house and are on the way back I tell him we are going home to our new home, and he says, "mom-o?" thinking we are just visiting Mom-o's house or something. His room is all set up and we tried to do it similarly to his old room layout-wise. I think it has made it a little easier for him, but his room has a tile floor so he can tell it's not quite right. He has woken up about 2am everynight so far (three) crying. The first two nights Greg had to go to him and calm him down and last night he put himself back to sleep. I think he's getting the picture that we aren't going back to the old house. This afternoon he asked for his favorite friend Madison and it broke my heart to tell him he can't see her anymore. It took all I could to not cry until he went outside, then the tears came. Man, now I'm crying again. Little ones really tug at those heart strings don't they? If you'da seen the look on his face when he asked for his "Cubbie" (what he calls Madison) you woulda cried too. It was just too cute, and then the look of utter confusion when I told him no was horrible for me. I hate disappointing my child! I guess the only good thing here is that he is too young to remember that we ripped him away from all of his little friends. Maybe he won't hold it against us for the rest of his life.

I think the next order of business for me is to find all of my old friends so I won't feel like I'm on a desert island here. I miss my Fort Worth friends!! This is the first opportunity I've had to really think about it, I've been so busy. But now that I am thinking about it, I am sad.

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Darling Family said...

Not that I'm close, but I miss you too. I feel like I'm farther away than ever...No direct flights to Tyler from Italy. = ( We will certainly be internet/phone only friends until I move back to TX for good. No more quick stops in Ft. Worth for a few days when I visit family. So, I'm sad!

I hate to hear about Caleb. I know its so hard to disappoint your "baby". Imagine having to tell him he can't see his daddy or other family. That

's 10x's worse than the friend. I'm so glad that Greg doesn't have to commute and you are almost done with home ownership.

I am planning on being in Austin from May 10th to the 18th then from May 26th to June 1st. Brian will be in TX from the 19th to June 1st, but we'll be in San Antonio for Memorial day weekend. Maybe y'all could come to Sea World with us that Monday??? I better see 2 cute kids while I'm there.

Talk to you soon! I have to get to the gym.