Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Best thing about being a Texan

I never realized this until I met one of my neighbors from "up north." The best thing in the world about growing up and living in the South is definitely fried fish!! I say that as I stuff my mouth full of the leftovers from our small fish fry last night. The best part is that only 48 hours ago, these guys were alive and swimming around in Lake Tyler. Greg (and his dad) caught them up out of the lake, chopped their innocent little heads off, skinned 'em, de-boned 'em, and I fried 'em for dinner. I believe a close second to the fish is deer. MMMMMMMMM. It's nice to have fresh meat when you know exactly where it came from, instead of some random beef farm where they eat some unknown concoction of hormone-laced feed. I know wild animals (and fish in public lakes) probably get a lot of strange things to eat, but unless someone dropped their HRT or Birth control pills out in the woods, I'm not as worried about ingesting aftificial hormones. Ha!

The reason I now realize this awesome fact about living in Texas is when I told my neighbor Greg had killed a deer, she gasped in horror, and made a huge bug-eyed face when I suggested they come over and try some of the meat. The same thing happened when I mentioned fried okra ("What's okra?" I'm serious!) and catfish.

I love my foreign friend from Chicago, and I LOVE TEXAS!

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