Thursday, April 24, 2008

More smellyness

This morning the house still smells like the inside of a pickle jar. Not quite as strongly, but still quite disgusting. I've baked several batches of ribbon so that helps a little. Yes, baked ribbon. It's for making hairbows, which I know sounds crazy. It looks crazy too, to have a bunch of wooden rods wrapped in ribbon in your oven. Greg thinks I'm making him something yummy, only to peek in and find ribbon. Probably pretty dusturbing to him!

The good news in all that stinkyness is that it rained last night (apparently with thunder and lightning although I slept right through it, a rarity for me) and the back door did not leak! I don't think the ceiling did either. The guy is coming back today to do sheetrock work and tomorrow to texture and paint. I hope this is the end of the water problems, but something tells me we'll be dealing with this until we move out of here.

Caleb just came up to me and said, "Beese Bah." Possible translations include Peace Pipe, Beach Ball, Police Bag, ooohhh, I know, Bouncy Ball. Gotcha!

Greg went to our Fort Worth house today to clean up and get another load of junk from the garage. He also has to take apart Carly's crib that we were borrowing and transport that to Grandma's house. He might stop by the Chevy dealer in Grapevine one more time to try to get a deal on a cheaper car with better gas mileage. He's making the trip all in one day so I expect him to get home late.

I'll be playing crafts all day today when I'm not feeding or wrestling the babies.

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