Saturday, April 26, 2008

The greatest thing about living in Tyler

Trees!!! Glorious, green, tall, bird-inhabited trees!! This is what I see when I look out my windows. I love it! And I had forgotten what a ruckus trees make when the wind blows. It's beautiful how loud it is, and all it is is leaves banging against each other. It is really awesome, and I never knew what I was missing until I came back. Isn't that how it goes usually?

We also have these guys that hang around the yard quite a bit. It is fun to see thing living in trees. We lived for a long time in a desert-like concrete jungle so we forgot that animals actually can coexist with humans, and not just in the zoo next door to the apartment complex. Nature!!!
Many thanks to Google Images for these pics.

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SisterOne said...

Trees! Aren't they GREAT!!! Why do you think I built my houe just where I did? TREES, of course! I think it may be the only place in Wise County where you can hear that unique sound of the wind through the PINE trees! Nature is grand! (I have blue-jays, cardinals and squirrels running amok in my yard, too!)