Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Summer!!

What's been going on... life is crazy!  Our house is sold. We are still working out details of a new home.  That has been a major stressor for me in the last week.  Moving is agonizing!  A friend said last night, "What you imagine to be the most exciting, magical, fun time of creating a new home always turns out to be the most stressful, painful, un-fun time of your life and makes you never want to do it again!"  I wholeheartedly agree at this point.  You would think, as many times as we've moved in our 10 years of marriage, we would have learned our lesson by now.. but noooooooo.  But THIS time, (just like the last 3 times) I'm already saying, "Never again!!" Ask me in 4 years... and I'm sure it will be a different story.. that's just how we roll.  Apparently we love to move.  Every 2-4 years.  I'm working on breaking that cycle this time!!  LOL

A few weeks ago our church had Vacation Bible School.  This year I volunteered to be a coordinator of first grade teachers.  My job started in February when I started recruiting teachers to fill 10 classrooms with teachers.  Usually I "just" teach a class, so stepping into a more behind-the-scenes leadership roll this time was different and fun.  Although I don't enjoy trying to convince people to work for me, it was fun taking care of them once they were in the classrooms.  I don't know that I'll do it again next year, but I definitely enjoyed the experience.  My favorite experience with VBS this year was being available to counsel kids who came forward to ask questions about becoming a Christian.  In the past years I've been relieved to teach in Kindergarten, who aren't present for that invitation time.  I wasn't ready to lead others into a relationship with Jesus.  I don't know what exactly has changed in the past year, but this time I felt comfortable and willing to talk to the kids.  Maybe it is the fact that my own kids are getting older and I've gained more experience just talking to kids.. maybe it is the small training session I attended on what questions to ask the kids.. maybe it is just TIME for be to be bold and share what I have in my heart with others!  I ended up having the privilege to pray with two groups of kids and lead 4 little ones into a brand-new relationship with Jesus.  THAT was an amazing feeling.

I've taken the summer off from orchestra and praise team, and have been concentrating on my family more.  It is nice to attend ALL of Sunday school and sit with my family during the service.  I do miss participating in the orchestra though.  I'm looking forward to getting this move behind us so I can jump back in with the orchestra and praise team.  Meanwhile, I'll enjoy worshipping with my family!

Caleb finished his Kindergarten year in May.  He had an excellent teacher who I LOVED and was great for him.  He began the year not reading, and ended the year reading at an end-of-1st-grade level.  He loves math and is becoming more creative.  Overall we had a wonderful experience in our first year of school.  More than likely, Caleb will be attending a different school in the fall.  (I say "more than likely" until we are actually IN our new house.)  I've talked to several people that know the new school and feel very excited about the possibilities ahead for Caleb next year! And Carly the year after!

My mom comes home from Congo THIS SUNDAY!  I'm getting excited to hug her neck and just have my mommy back in the country!  We are making plans for her to come help me set up my new house and spend time with the kiddos.   She'll be in the States until September when she's going back to Africa for another 6-month assignment.  

Sometime in May, I decided to end my AlexiaJean business.  Orders had become a burden for me, and I dreaded doing things I had once enjoyed.. that's when I knew it was time for a change.  I also came to the realization that in about 18 months, my youngest child will be starting Kindergarten.  All along in this journey of parenthood, we've agreed that once the kids are in school, I will need to go back to working full time.  Staying home was a huge financial sacrifice for us, and it's been a wonderful experience that I highly recommend.  But, it is a season that is coming to an end in my heart, and I'm planning on taking these next 18 months to prepare my household, my resume, and my heart for the major change in lifestyle that comes with being a working mom.  I also need to evaluate my interests and experiences and decide what kind of work I want to do, and get the education/training/etc, to make that happen.

So, that's the long version of the last several weeks.  Summer vacation is a third over and I feel like we still have a long way to go before school starts again!  

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