Friday, May 18, 2012

Altering length with original hem!

Recently I've been having closet issues. As in, I had several pairs of jeans that I wasn't wearing for various reasons. Too long, too short, or just not my favorite. I also have been wanting some denim capris, but that's not in the budget! I had this tutorial pinned on Pinterest and finally found time to use it this week!

Before: L to R: 2 pairs of too long, one pair of meh, and one old worn out pair of too short.

After: two pairs of adjusted length awesomeness, and two pairs of "new" capris!

Close up of the capri hems:

Close up of the jean hems:

If you look super close you can see the seam I sewed right above the original gold hem.  But from far away you totally can't tell! And I don't expect to have my feet examined anytime soon. If that happens I have other issues!

I did all four of these in one (busy) day.  They each took no more than twenty minutes!


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