Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Water Park

Today we took our very first trip to a small indoor waterpark with the kids. They aren't huge water lovers (that's an understatement!), so I wasn't sure what to expect. Turns out, we were pleasantly surprised with how much fun both kiddos had! Both were wary of the wave pool and the lazy river, but Caleb eventually got in the river and went around three times, at first clinging to a tube and crying, then just clinging to Greg and not crying,

and finally holding Janell's hand and bouncing his way around the whole thing. Carly went around once, unhappily, and she was done :-)

Both kids enjoyed the splash play area and Carly ate up the "green slide!!!" I think she went down that one slide at least 20 times. Every single time she came to the bottom, the look on her face was one of pure childlike joy.. and it never got old to watch! She never would go down the other slides, because "they were dark."

Caleb went down all the slides in the splash play area, and then climbed the stairs and went down the two bigger body slides. I was so proud of him!! He laughed and laughed.

A VERY FUN DAY! Thank you to my in-laws for the fun afternoon at the water park!

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