Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Can you help?

I know I've talked about my mom and her African adventures on my blog before. She is there now, in the thick of things, living and teaching in Congo. She's there to fulfill a calling to spread the love of Jesus Christ to those who need it.

At the Fort Worth Zoo, December 2010

She's planting seeds in the hearts of her students, and she's seeing fruit from seeds planted by those who went before her. She's been in Congo for about 5 months. Her term is to be for 2 years, but those two years are determined by the monetary support she receives from people just like you and me who commit to give $10, $20, $50 a month.

MaMaw and her babies, 2008

Her mission board sent her ahead of her money, because the need was so great. However, that makes it even more difficult for her to complete the task of raising the rest of her funds from the field. At this point, she lacks about $250 a month in pledges. If she continues to fall short, the mission board can bring her home early-- as much as an entire year early.

Christmas 2010

As much as I'd love to see my mama, I don't think her work will be finished after only one year. At this point she is hoping for at least 18 months - that would give her time to finish out the school year, which runs from about September to June (same as USA, except their "summer break" actually occurs in winter! Yes, it is winter in Congo right now. 95 degrees of humid, sunny winter!)

Thanksgiving 2010, Mom and all her kids

You can read about the ministry she is doing on Nouvelle Creations Facebook page and about her daily life in Congo on her blog. Also, if you would like to commit to a monthly monetary pledge you can visit this website and it will go directly into her personal missions account.

Carly's 3rd birthday, January 2010

Mostly, would you please pray for my mom? Pray that she will be at peace in Congo, that she will accomplish the things she's been called to do, that the support would come in and she would not have to worry about that aspect of life? I know it is hard to squeeze another penny out of the budget. I know that once you commit to something, it soon becomes easy to forget, especially once the missionary is "out of sight, out of mind." Please pray that those who pledged in the last two years would continue to send their commitments each month, or start sending them again.

Returning home from her first mission trip to Africa on Caleb's 1st birthday, 2007

In mom's own words, " Thanks for anything you can do, especially for your prayers! I'd really like to finish what I've started here..."

If you are interested in a mail-in donation form, please contact me via email. It's in my profile on the sidebar. Also, if you'd like to receive her monthly newsletter via email, let me know. I can very easily forward it to you or get you on her direct email list!

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