Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our office redo

Last week I - meaning my mom, Greg and sometimes me - rearranged our office to make it less cluttered and to try to make it more kid-friendly. So the kids could come in and play or watch TV while I sew or work on the computer. With my mom's brains and Greg's brawn we accomplished much! I don't have any before pictures.. sorry. I don't really want to remember the way it was anyway. But here it is now! All we did was remove one rather large piece of furniture and rearrange the rest to maximize the floor space. It's amazing! What you can't see now is the art easel and toy box on the right wall, which is great for the kiddos to play and be creative while mom's in here creating stuff.

The original plan was to switch Carly's bigger room with this room, but after one stroke of genius and a tape measure, it was determined that her room was only one foot longer and the same width as this room, which translates to 11 square feet. Which translates to not worth the trouble.

Look what got uncovered! The poor piano had been used as a storage surface - still able to be played but not the ideal place. I like it much better here, and the kids demand a concert now and then too.

It's still a work in progress. I want to make a shade for the window to protect the backside of the piano, and cover some canvasses with colorful fabric for decoration, and add a row of shelving above the computer desk to hold the printer and scanner and TV. But it's so nice to have a clean and organized workspace!

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