Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Snow!

Sunday after church it began to snow on us. I was not excited about it, because when it snows here life pretty much shuts down, and we were having Carly's birthday party the next day. Thankfully, it didn't stick much to the roads, so we enjoyed our snow day and were still able to have the party on Monday. Here are the pictures from our snow day!

My beautiful back yard:

Busy Kids building two snowmen:

Caleb was all about the snowman!

It was a good wet snow that was great for snowball fights across the road. Greg tormented the neighbors for a while!

Carly trying to throw a snowball. It kept sticking to her fleece mitten.

The boys making a snow mound:

Carly's big handful:

And this is me getting hit with a snowball, while my husband doubles over with laughter in the background.

And this is me about to get hit by yet another snowball (it's midair in the top left corner of the picture)

Happy Snow Day!

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