Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's like she knew....

... that I had devoted an entire blog post to her brother. In fact, that very night she proved that she will not be outdone. As the baby of the family, she craves the attention. Must be in the spotlight. Must return to center stage any way she can. Apparently her wit and charm didn't do the trick that day, so when all else fails, self-mutilation works.

3 am Thursday morning. Screaming from Carly's room. Greg ran in, I was about 10 paces behind. (It takes me longer to wake up and sprint across the house..) Baby standing in the middle of the floor, scream-crying, covered in blood -- mouth, cheeks, arms, hands. Shocking for all involved.

The poor child had fallen out of her bed and bit her bottom lip on the way down. Why she was that close to that edge of the bed, I don't know. She normally sleeps in the corner by the wall. What she was even doing awake, if she even was, is also a mystery. But I do know one thing. She has now raised the bar quite high as far as attention-getters go. Caleb better study up 'cause he's 'bout to get hisself showed flat up!

*Disclaimer: No children were actually injured due to attention-grabbing schemes. That was a joke. Just in case you have no sense of humor.

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