Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Maybe I’ve been the problem.  Maybe I’m the one to blame.  But even
when I blame myself, the outcome feels the same
. I’ve been thinking
maybe I’ve been partly cloudy.
Maybe I’m the chance of rain.
And maybe I’m overcast.
But when I look at the stars, I see someone
else. W
hen I look at the stars, I feel like myself.

Sounds poetic, eh? That's because it is. It's a song by Switchfoot that
grabbed me tonight as I drove home from a wonderful dinner party
with my Mops table. I've been grumpy the last week for lots of
reasons, none of them any good.
I realized it was happening,
so I concentrated hard on conversing with God
throughout my
days and making sure to dismiss negative thoughts as evil and
I concentrated on the Psalms, which is where I'm at in my
read-through of the Bible. How awesome is God's timing
to put David's songs
of praise and worship to the Lord in this time
in my life when I need it.
It's been a small change of seasons for
me, and it's been
great to "come out of it" feeling refreshed and

Tonight these song lyrics went straight through my heart with
of my poor attitude this last week. It's a little
perspective thing to realize
that, yes, my life might be giving me a run
for it lately, but if I would just
look up and see God's creation, I might
change my perspective a bit and see someone else.
I can realize
that the God of the Universe who made the vast heavens and
more than
any human eye could ever see, also made me, cares about
me, and loves me despite how
disappointing I must be to Him.
However, I also know that when He looks at me,
tiny little
oh-so-miserable me, He sees perfection, because He sees Jesus' blood
my imperfections. It's a great feeling.

That might not be what Jonathan Foreman was thinking about when
he wrote the song, but it's what I thought about tonight.

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