Friday, November 13, 2009

Titles stump me every time.

Sometimes the past is a good way for Satan to get me down. He did it to me today, making me remember things that I hate about my former self. I've already given those years to God and have been utterly and completely forgiven but Satan likes to drag things back up and smack you in the face with an offhanded comment, or a little instance of deja vu that brings those memories back. A pity for him, because I've got the Word on my side to comfort me and speak Truth. And I recognize those subtle whispers in my head as foreign, unwelcome visitors. So get back and leave me alone.

So now that you all know about the voices in my head... (you probably suspected something funny about me anyway!)

I'll lighten it up with a bit of hilarity from Caleb today. At lunch, (PB&J as usual) Caleb put his head in his hands with elbows on the table, and I asked him what was wrong. (Imagine this in a hormonal 15-year-old girl voice) "NOTH-ing!" ...3 second pause... "I'm tired, I'm hungry, and I gotta pee!" I had to walk outside to keep from spitting Dr. Thunder out my nose. When I came back inside, I suggested he go relieve himself, then we'd have our lunch, and he could go take a nap, and all three problems would be fixed, "You silly Wompus!" (my silly little pet name for him) He says, "I'm not a silly wompus, I'm a Silly, Fluffy, Rotten Rompus!"


He's definitely got a creative side. He gets that from his daddy apparently. :)

On to other news, I went to Mistletoe and Magic yesterday for the first time in memory. Mom says I've been, but I didn't care enough to file it to permanent memory. It was fun and interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and didn't buy one thing. Got a few cute ideas to, um, try my hand at... and made some new friends. I am happy to report that although this event is supposed to kick-off the Christmas season, I haven't even felt one inkling of a pang to get down the Christmas decorations yet. I'm all about the Thanksgiving ham first. (That's right, HAM. We're having Thanksgiving at home this year, and da-gum-it I'm picking the menu.) Plus I'm hosting a baby shower here the week of Thanksgiving and want someone to see my few fall decorations.

One last thing: my Grandpa had a successful knee replacement surgery today, praise the Lord! That man is such a rock in my life, and I am so thankful for the incredible influence he's had over me and my little family. He is a spiritual giant, and the picture of humility. He has a really excellent wife too-- my Grandma-- and together these two are the cutest "old people" I've ever known. I'm constantly challenged and strengthened by them. I'm the most blessed person to have these people as my grandparents. I love you both!

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The Skaggs said...

Hilarious Caleb quote! Love it!