Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas List

I've been requested to publish a list of ideas for Christmas, so here is what I came up with.

Caleb says he wants a "big police car" one that he can put a man inside. I'm thinking GI Joe size? I don't know where he comes up with such specific requests.. He also is into Thomas the train, and we have the Trackmaster sets. These are plastic, not wood, and are found at Target and Walmart. (Toys R Us only has the wooden sets) He has plenty of trains, but track sets and little extras might be fun. He also loves puzzles. He can do the 24 piece ones pretty easily, so anything higher than that will challenge him in a good way. He is wearing size 4T in clothes.

Carly needs a helmet! Something pink and cute will do the trick. She insists on trying to ride Caleb's tricycle, but he follows the helmet rule, so she should too. She is also getting a dollhouse, so accessories for that would be great. I'm not sure what size dolls would fit, something bigger than GIJoe (obviously that's for boys but I'm going off size here) and much smaller than Barbie. Furniture for those would be nice too. She also needs basic color long sleeve shirts for layering -- white, black, pink, cream, etc. She is in size 2T but can also wear 3T in Tshirts.

And always, books, music, and animals are big hits around here. I would love for each of them to have a good storybook Bible too.

For me, I've still got my eye on a stand mixer if anyone is feeling super-generous! I love clothes and accessories too. I could also use a punch bowl. I saw a neat one that is a cake platter and punch bowl in one. Greg likes money. He's a practical guy, what can I say?

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SisterOne said...

I think it's "oryx", and you are "precious" in camo!