Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This is kind of a big deal!!

Last night, Caleb earned his thirteenth dollar by going #2 on the potty. the deal is when he goes two days in a row or every other day, he gets a dollar. If he goes more than two days, he has to start over. This is a big motivator for him, yet it has taken about 6 months to earn $13 for him to buy this truck he's been wanting. We visit it every time we go to Walmart, just to remind him about it, and get him pumped up about pooping. Today we went for the big trip to buy THE truck! It was pretty fun!

First we had to empty his bank to get the dollars out. Carly helped us get the coins back in.

Then we hopped in the car, with $13 in a plastic bag, to get the truck.

At Walmart, and can you just see the excitement on this precious face??

And back in the car, a proud owner of a brand new Chick Hicks hauler truck (from the movie Cars).

Yes, I took photos of this event, and YES, I almost cried at the checkout line. I'm so proud of him, and he is getting so big! I can't explain it, but I choked back the tears with a huge smile on my face. Motherhood makes you spontaneously tear up, and I'm such a mess!!

He asked if he could sleep with his new truck at naptime. I let him park it on his dresser for the nap. He told me as he was laying down that he was going to get it as soon as he wakes up, and I heard him telling himself as I closed the door, "It's a really nice truck..."

I just love this kid!

So here's an update for his Christmas list: A Chick Hicks car to go inside his truck. $3.50 at Walmart. And maybe a Lightning McQueen car to race against him? I know he'd love both.

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