Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gluten Free Frenzy giveaway

Here's another post about gluten-free Frenzy. Chandice is sponsoring a giveaway of TWELVE boxes of Blue Diamond nut-thins crackers. (Mom, these are those crackers you gave me, yummo!) They are a healthy snack, because nuts are GOOD for you! I am not a nut lover, but the Almond crackers are very good! I'm not currently on the "diet" -- still waiting for the blood test -- but I still enjoy a yummy snack. And eating cheddar cheese or ranch flavored crackers that happen to be made of nuts beats the heck out of choking down a handful of almonds.. blech!

Blue Diamond's website:

Chandice's blog - GlutenFree Frenzy:

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