Thursday, June 04, 2009

Carly has been talking so much lately! She is such a chatty baby, SO unlike her silent, thinking brother. The two kids may look alike, but they really are polar opposites in personality! Here is a video of Carly doing her thing. She sees the camera and starts saying "Cheeeese" and making a goofy cheese face. Then she talks about animal sounds, and some oher fun words. She says one four-word sentence, "Mommy be right back" I keep trying to capture it on video, but she only says it when I leave the room, so it's hard to get her to say it when I'm sitting there holding the camera. Enjoy our funny baby! (By the way, she is sitting up on Caleb's big bed, where she
climbed up by herself, and she is wearing her brother's old pajamas.. don't be confused!)

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rinewaltfam said...

You may regret how great it is that she is a chatty Cathy right now later! I remember loving that about Elle and now I am constantly looking for the OFF button! tee hee No, it is awesome and what a blessing to have one of each, huh?