Thursday, April 30, 2009

So life goes on and on... a week and a half into our journey, Greg is busier than ever with mowing (I don't think I can call it mowing since he hasn't done much mowing-- more like planting, weeding, hauling, trimming, and cutting.) He's had SO many jobs this last week it's incredible. Just the kick in the butt he needed to go full time into his business. I have applied for several jobs, and keep finding more. I actually have an interview set up for next Tuesday at 1:30, so say a prayer for me on your lunch break!! I am interviewing for two jobs at once at a local bank, one branch here in Whitehouse, and one at the central office in Jacksonville. Either one would be fine, because they both involve numbers and money (nerdy stuff I love!!). One is a face-to-face with customers job, and the other is behind the scenes stuff. Both hats I can wear when called upon. So really, I guess it depends on the money and whether the J'ville job is worth the drive. I would love to work in Whitehouse, that way I am literally one minute from home. Nice commute!! J'ville is okay too, cause I'd be about two minutes from my Grannie's house.

So that's the update. Oh, and for my Facebook friends.. I don't know what's going on there. First it ate my profile, and then it got hacked and sent strange messages around. Sigh. There's technology for ya.

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