Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Easter 2009 - Round One


Click above to see a few photos of the Easter egg hunt we had at the Rices. Caleb and Carly and three sweet little friends all joined in the fun and hunted 143 eggs!! It was a fun time - and the perfect number of kids, not too many, not too few. The little redheaded girl is the next-door neighbor the the Rices. Caleb and Carly love playing with the "red baby!"

I am looking forward to spending the Easter weekend in Boyd (and Midlothian) and getting some more fun pictures!!


He knows the plans... said...

Ok, I have to give you a hard time. Why is Carly dressed so cute and Caleb...well, he's just in clothes. I think you need to start making boy stuff.

SisterOne said...

Hey! Do I recognize Carly's basket? I made so many of those, and I don't even have one!

Lexi said...

Haha, Tiana, it's because I no longer have any control over what Caleb wears... have you read Dobson's "Strong-willed child"? I'm thinking about checking it out of the church library! ;)

Yes mom, you made that basket.. I have no idea how I ended up with it!