Tuesday, September 04, 2007


The first day of my second week of being a preshool teacher. I haven't even started having kids yet and all I can say is WHEW am I tired. Today was a planning/work day and I worked like a dog to get all of my lessons planned and bulletin boards hung. Got the month of September totally done, (a good thing since I have to turn them in Thursday) and 2/3s of my bulletine boards finished. Caleb had a great time tearing up the room while I stapled and crinkled paper. Thursday is meet-the-parents day and I am only slightly freaked about that. I think once I get everything organized in my head I'll be okay, but it's all still flying in circles in there. At least I though of an art project, which was the source of much stress this weekend. Fingerprints and paint, should be a blast!

Oh, looky there, it's raining. How bout that.

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