Tuesday, August 07, 2007

random good news

I saw an ad in the church bulletin two weeks ago saying the church CDO (children's day out) still had openings. I assumed that it meant for kids, but I still thought to myself, "I should ask if they need teachers." I never did call or talk to anyone at all. Today out of the blue the phone rings and it is the director of the CDO, a nice lady I know of but have never met. She said they were looking for teachers and had two more openings and asked if I was interested. I thought, "Absolutely YES!" but I was a little more business like with my actual answer. She got my name from someone else at church that we know. I am just amazed that she called me so randomly when we really need the money right now. And the best part is Caleb gets to go to the preschool for half price and he'll be right next door to me. It's Tuesday and Thursday 8:30- 2:30. I'll be teaching the kids that are the same age as Caleb (18-2years) and Caleb will go into the higher class since I can't teach him. (policy) I'll only have to work about 8 hours to recoup the cost of having Caleb there and the rest of the month is income. YAY.

Also, Greg asked the church secretary last week if she knew of any part-time work that was needed and today she called with a possiblity for him. It's also at the church doing maintenance/moving type work. Not glamorous, but it's money and we're glad for it.

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