Tuesday, August 03, 2010

To go or not to go?

That's a lot of Os!

We might have the opportunity to send Caleb to pre-k in the fall. I just found this out last week, and now my universe has been altered. I had it in mind that Caleb would be at home one more year before starting Kindergarten, since we really can't afford preschool. But this opportunity has come up, and it's very hard to say no. My only hangup is that it's 8-3 every day. For my boy that still takes a 2 hour nap every day, 8-3 is going to be hard for us. I'm sure they will get a rest time, (they better, if they know what's good for them!) But that is not 2 hours in bed at home = not top-quality rest.

I am torn. Send him or not? I still have to apply and be approved, but I think the mama in me is the only one here that isn't ready. I'm sure he would do fine, and probably excel beyond my expectations. But he's my baby!!! When did this growing up business happen!?


Liz said...

Having been a preschool teacher these past 5 years after spending 10 years as a SAHM, I totally understand your dilemma.

On one hand, none of my own kids went to preschool & they have all done just fine in elementary school (& beyond). On the other hand, I watch kids come through our school all the time & think "Boy it's good that you started this one at 3-4! They would've been lost when they started K!"

So I can go either way on it. If you're doing some supplemental (academic type) activities at home & Caleb is learning social skills at church/MOPS, etc, then I bet he'll be fine in K next year without attending PreK.

However, if 'teaching' is really not your very best 'mama strength' there is nothing wrong w/ letting someone else do that this year.

Like you, my thoughts on it when my kids were four was the whole Monday thru Friday thing. Lots of hours away from home & mom...and they'll be in full time school the next 13 years, so why rush it?

Pray about it. I bet He'll show you the answer!

rinewaltfam said...

I think about Elle a few years ago--and she was so super ready to start school..so I just started her in a 3 day a week school for half the year and then half the year I put her in full time...5 days per week...and I will tell you--as awful as it was on me...I do not regret it--because kindergarten is rough these days! They don't take naps--AT ALL...and they are going full blast all day...so even WITH the five days per week, it took her a few weeks to get adjusted without the naptime that she had in preschool...and Elle never struggled academically or socially, and she loves school...but it is a huge adjustment. I taught kindergarten for a long time and I know that with boys, it is always even harder...so I know with "the Beast" we will have to go to preschool for longer...he will start kindergarten later than she did, etc...
Keep praying about it--but I can't think of anything negative about it for Caleb.