Monday, August 02, 2010

Grandpa's 75th Birthday party

When my mom's side of the family gets together, it's always a huge occasion, simply because there a LOT of people. My mom has 3 siblings, all of which have at least three kids. I am one of 13 first cousins and most of us live within a 2 hour drive to Grandma's house. Last weekend we got together to help celebrate my Grandpa's 75th birthday. It was definitely a full house! There were my 2 grandparents, my mom, two aunts, two uncles, my brother, 6 cousins, one cousin's boyfriend, one cousin's best friend, my great-aunt and -uncle, one family friend, my little family of 4, one dog, and one cat. That's 23 humans and 2 animals.

Since Caleb seldom sees paper plates at home, he had no idea what to do with it! I joke, I joke...

Grandpa always has time for a tractor ride.

Driving the little tractor out to the barn to get on board the big tractor

It took quite some time in the kitchen to get food ready for all those people! I helped a little.. I made the brownies.

Carly entertained herself with some games. Grandma was fascinated that a 2-year old was playing games on my phone.. and that she was so quiet while she was playing!

Then we had a bit of swimming. It took Caleb two days and one semi-traumatic experiece where Greg grabbed him off the steps and the dropped him in the shallow end for Caleb to realize that he could touch the bottom. Then he walked around for hours! He only slipped and dunked himself once, and that was the end of swimming for him. Silly kid!

Carly never left the steps. I remember spending hours on the steps when I was a kid at Grandma's. They built this pool the year I was born, so I have LOTS of memories here!

After dinner we had dessert...

... and singing. That was Grandpa's request -- to have Grandma play the piano and they had a list! Mom said she heard them downstairs late at night giggling at the piano all week long planning this music list! It was a very sweet time with lots of old favorites, and lot of tears. Yes, we are a family of crying singers..

Singing "Unworthy" together... beautiful!!

Three of the four siblings singing together with mom on piano

My bro on the guitar

Carly and her Unca Dodo

I just love this:

Singing "Pick up the shovel, and dig another well."

Cody again

Related much?

A bunch of the teenagers (my cousins and assorted others) in attendance

It was WAY past bedtime at this point, but Carly was hanging on in my uncle Steve's lap.

Cody and me

And I had to put this one in... I asked them to smile and this is what I got. Steve's face makes me laugh out loud every time! What a goofy uncle!! And this is typical Greg too. Never serious!

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The Pigg Pen said...

Neat that your family gets together and plays the piano and sings. Mine does, too. Wonderful family memories. :)