Tuesday, December 15, 2009

She says funny stuff

Today I went for a dental cleaning, and left the kids at home with Mom-o to take their naps. When I got home she tells me Caleb told her, "Momo, I LOVE your hair!" He is such a sweetiepie!!

Carly is ever the stinker, Momo told me Carly yelled at her after she put her in her bed and closed the door. Carly was yelling and crying, "Momo I NEEEEEED you!!" "Momo come get me out!!!" I laughed when I heard that, and thought it was pretty funny that she had said so many words at once. She does talk in sentences, but I was surprised at that many words.. until just a minute ago when she woke up and doesn't know Momo is gone and Mommy is back. She is in her bed yelling, "Momo come get me out right now!!!"

Cute little people!

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