Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Happened!

It's late, and I want to be asleep. But then I realize there are no photos of Christmas on my blog. WHAT! It's three days after Christmas! What a slacker I have become. I won't mention the mound of sewing I've gotten done today, or the four loads of laundry, dishes, vacuuming, and dinner cooked. I'm strictly measuring my effectiveness by the updatedness of my blog. Behold, I am redeemed:

Christmas has happened again!

Christmas with the Rices and Lyles

proof that Carly is related to Greg. Look at their matching mouths:

what is in the BIG present??

A Fire House/Police Station!

A very cool one

had to include this one of Greg trying to get a picture

Christmas Eve Fun

marshmallow man

snow flurries on Christmas Eve!

Carly was not amused

Opening presents as a family on Christmas Eve

RRRRRRR! Rip that paper!

helping Greg open his present

why is it so cute to take a million pictures of toddlers opening presents?

Daddy's first My Little Pony

When Caleb unwrapped this box he stopped and said, "Thank you for my present Mommy and Daddy!" I told him to keep going, silly!

This face is priceless

And so is this one!

immediately enthralled

playing the hairstylist

Mom and Dad's turn

I think he likes his new pillow (and I get to throw out the ratty old one!)

What is THIS???

A new fan! The one in our bedroom is UGLY and it ticks. Oh how I love my new fan! (The installation is blog material for another day!)

MUCH More to come!


Strange family said...

i LOVE the pics and the play by play! tell greg i love his my little pony! :)

Liz said...

Alexia--Hi!! I'm a friend of Heather's, and I knew Greg most of our growing up years. I've been peeking at your blog recently & love it! (Feel free to go take a gander at mine.) I see the title of this post & wonder...where are the Lyles? I was hoping there might be some pics of Heather's family.

Alexia said...

Liz - I recognize you from Greg's Facebook -- I probably get on his more than mine! ha. You caught me on the pictures.. I didn't get any good pictures of anyone but my own kids-- you see where my focus is! The Lyles live in Austin (Cedar Park).