Monday, August 03, 2009

Gluten Free Bread

So this morning I attempted my first loaf of gluten-free bread. I used a mix, because that seems so much easier than the list of 18 ingredients it takes to make a loaf from scratch.. and I've heard that baking from scratch is HARD to get right, and a lot of times turns out badly anyway.

I decided to pull out the old bread machine, since the package had instructions for breadmakers. I followed the directions exactly, even letting my eggs come to room temperature before starting, which I think is silly, but whatever.

All was going well, and starting to smell wonderfully until it started to smell burnt!! I ran into the kitchen to discover the mix had overflowed the small bread pan and was gooping out onto the burners inside the machine, thus making that nasty burned-bread smell. It still had 45 minutes to go on baking, so it was just a sticky dough-y mess. After I cleaned the junk off of the burners and scooped a little off the top I left it alone to go air out the house and hoped it wasn't ruined. 45 minutes later:


Funny-looking, but BREAD!!!

Nothing like fresh baked bread!!!

And here's the mess I have to clean up now.. never again will I use that mix in this machine! I lost probably the equivalent to a whole slice because the mix made more than the maching could hold.. next time I will bake it in the oven!

My review of Bob's Red Mill gluten-free homemade bread mix: YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BREAD!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!


Sarah and the rest of the family said...

Mmmm. Too bad I can't smell through the blog. You can always use the bread maker to mix it and knead it, but pull it out to bake in the oven. Or just split the blob in two. I'm glad you're finding some good things to eat!

SisterOne said...

Makin' me HUNGRY!