Sunday, August 09, 2009

Does your garden grow?

ok, let me re-emphasize that... Does your garden grow? Anything? At all??

We attempted a new adventure this year. This house has a cute raised-bed garden already built in the back yard, with tall garden stakes and dark, rich dirt, so this April we planted a few (16 to be exact) tomato vines, a bell pepper plant, and two yellow squash plants. Carly and Caleb helped me plant the tiny seedlings. Ok, helped is bit of a strong description, but they were present during the planting.

The plants started about 6-8 inches high, and grew slowly for the first two months.

Early on, one of the yellow squash plants took off nicely... then it produced....

a nice, curly, pricklyish, green CUCUMBER! Oops! Guess that one got mixed up with the squash seeds. Too bad we don't eat cucumbers! But hey, something grew!

That was all for a while.. the stalks and vines kept growing, growing, growing, making flowers, growing some more, but no fruits. I was beginning to get frustrated, and then, one day I found...

A tomato!! I teeny tiny green tomato (This was July 3)! Caleb and I watched and waited patiently for our tiny tomato to turn red so we could pick it. For five weeks we have waited for that silly tomato!

In fact, I believe tomorrow is the day we will pick that big guy, before the birds get him! Our one and only firstborn tomato!

The garden today:

This week I have also found a few new ones finally growing on the vines.. a few cherry tomatoes and one or two that should be big boys. I planted 16 plants, but only 10 survived, 2 of those cherry sized, and the rest big boys.

(the little blurry green dots are the maters)

I also spied two tiny green bell peppers peeping out from behind their flowers. Yay!

Now, don't say I never grew anything besides babies!

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Jill said...

I'm impressed! Love the new header. Did you make it yourself?