Thursday, July 16, 2009


This morning I delivered a sack full of tomatoes to our neighbor. In the course of the very short conversation, I explained that these are home-grown tomatoes, and although they aren't pretty to look at, they are SO GOOD inside.. the neighbor commented laughingly that he wasn't much to look at either but he was good inside too. I laughingly agreed. Well, it sounded like it anyway. I will admit that I am sometimes awkward in conversations.. and I didn't know exactly how to respond to such a simple and deep statement so I said, "yeah, that's true!" Sounds like I just insulted the guy to his face, huh? But think about how true that really is.

There are two kinds of tomatoes.. the pretty ones at the store that inside are just so-so tasting. (And if you enjoy tomatoes, and have ever had homegrown, you know what I mean. You just can't buy a GREAT tomato!!) And then there are those ugly, cracked ones that are so juicy and perfect inside.

The more I thought about that statement the more I realized how much I can compare that to life. It's nearly impossible to get a beautiful tomato that tastes like Heaven too. There are a few out there I suppose, but not in my garden (or my inlaws, where these yummy tomatoes came from)!

I would so much rather be an ugly tomato that's good inside, wouldn't you?

p.s. Neighbor, if you read this, this is my official apology for the accidental insult! And I don't think you are ugly! :)

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He knows the plans... said...

Totally agree with the whole post! We are all a little tattered in this world of sin, but in for the most part we are loving people. And, nothing is better than biting into a fresh from the garden tomato!