Monday, May 04, 2009

Truly Blessed

I really feel the love of our friends and family lately. It's really amazing. I'm sitting here trying to find words for how much I appreciate the thoughtfulness and all I get are blurry eyes. (It doesn't help that I'm listening to the new Building 429 song, Always.. that song gets me every time!)

Today we received an anonymous note in the mail with a very generous gift inside. I was dumbfounded. I want to hug that person's neck (or group of people) but will have to stand for saying it here. So, to that person, or family, or group of people, THANK YOU! You have been a blessing. And now we will have diapers. :) Someday soon we hope to be able to pay that forward to someone else who needs it. Proverb 22:9 "A generous man will himself be blessed, for he shares his food with the poor."

Tomorrow is my interview. Please be praying that God will do his will in our lives.. we are still trying to figure out what exactly that is by being proactive. I don't know if my getting a job is His will at this point, but feel confident in that our savior will show us through the outcome what needs to be done. So, really, I am not asking for you to pray I GET the job, I am asking to pray that I hear a clear direction in it, or that God will make it obvious to me. (I can not wait to start our new growth group study on discerning the voice of God!! I need that!!)

"I believe always, always, our savior never fails. Even when all hope is gone, God knows our pain and his promise remains. He will be with you always." -Building 429, Always


Strange family said...

God is good!

Lexi said...

...All the time!

SisterOne said...

And just LOOK at your scripture of the day! "Do not FRET or have any ANXIETY about ANYTHING!" (Philippians 4:6) He is SOOOO in control!