Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Paint pics

My grandfather Tracy said to me recently, "You really like to paint don't you?" The answer is, well, maybe, yeah, I guess I do. It's not the process of painting that I enjoy. I really hate all the work that goes into it, and the money too, but I love the end result. I am not afraid to see something new on my walls!! The reason he said that was because every place we've ever owned, we have painted at least one room. In Hutto we painted nearly the whole stinkin' house, but hey, we were childless back then with time, and money of course, to spend on it! And it turned out quite nice for us being paint virgins! In Fort Worth we painted a green accent wall in the living room, and I painted black stripes in the bathroom. It sounds horrendous, and looked quite strange with the blue tape stripes, but turned out great too! I hope the new owners like it :) If not, they will have fun covering up black stripes of satin finish! HA!

Now we have painted Caleb's room, Carly's room, their bathroom, the living room, and the kitchen (partially) in our house in Whitehouse. All have turned out beautifully. Except for me accidently getting flat paint for Carly's room.. there are already numerous spots on the wall, grrrr!

So without too many more words, here are the pictures of before and after.

Living room:

I haven't gotten pics with the pictures and art back on the walls yet, but you can see the difference!

The dark brown is not the color we originally picked but this one is growing on us. I think I will go back and get a quart of the dark dark brown and sponge it on over the other for a simple faux effect. Another day, of course..


We took the curtains down a while back, and painted under the chair rail the same as the living room. Next to each other the two colors looked HOR.RIB.BLE!!!! The lovely pineapples will have to stay for a while while we figure out what we want over them.

For some reason that small panel next to the garage door catches my eye every time I walk into the kitchen!



SisterOne said...

WOW! That really warms that room up! It blends OK with the pineapples for now, don't get in a hurry...

Jill Johnson said...

Looks good!