Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Caleb funny

Today Caleb flushed his underwear down the toilet... I was not in there when he did it, but he came running out naked from waist down saying, "my underwear, my underwear!!" halfway freaking out about it. So on my way to investigate I asked him,

"Did you pee on it?"


"Did you poop on it?"


... Then I get into the bathroom and hear the toilet running, underwear missing.. Oh great. Apparently it whooshed right down, because it's not stopped up or anything.. I plungered it to be sure.. Then the plunger splashed a little and Caleb got pretty upset. I think that was the point of understanding.


I had to have a long talk with him about what we do and do not put in the potty. (Only peepee, poopoo, and toilet paper. NOT stickers, underwear, cars, babies, big trucks, push toys, etc.) Then what to do if ever something falls in that does not belong there. (Come get mommy or daddy, and DO NOT FLUSH IT!!!) He is sad that his Elmo unders are gone "forever ever ever", although I'm sure he will ask for them again. I do not know if he did it on purpose, was exploring the cause/effect of the flush, or if it was a freak accident.

The world may never know....

It's kinda like the time that I SUPPOSEDLY flushed a $50 bill when I was about 3. I honestly have no recollection, but my mom swears I admitted to it!? Sure, blame the innocent middle child... !


rinewaltfam said...

I remember seeing this on your Facebook page, but now I know the whole story--SO funny!!!

T's Life said...

That is so funny! BTW I love your little girl's tutu, so cute!!