Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What it's like to be a family of four

It's nuts! Not really; the adjustment phase is still going on, but this ain't too bad. Of course, Carly still sleeps all the time so it's not too busy yet. There's a lot of tag-teaming with Caleb and Greg does most of it, especially at night since I'm up every three hours with a hungry Carly. Caleb is adjusting pretty well. We have started moticing in the last few days he wants more of our attention but he's not being bratty about it. Mostly he just wants to be close to us, like sit next to me while I'm feeding Carly or sit in Greg's lap and read books on the floor. He's being such a big boy and he really loves his baby sister. Everytime she makes a squeak he runs over and checks on her. He's going to be so protective of his little sister.

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