Sunday, January 13, 2008

Birth Announcement

Carly Hope Rice
born Thursday, January 10th, 2008
at 1:12 pm
6 lbs, 13 oz.
19.25 inches

Warning: There might be some details that modest company won't want to read. You know, because childbirth in general is pretty gross. Readers use your own discretion! :)

I went to my regular appointment at 7:15 thursday morning, and the doctor did the ultrasound and frowned on the fluid level. Then she checked my cervix and said I was "almost 5" and since I had both of those things going on she sent me over to L&D. I got checked in and into a gown and got the fetal monitors on and at 9:15 my doctor came by to check me and after only two hours of sitting in a bed doing nothing I was almost 6 cm. Obviously in labor! So she went ahead and broke my water right then and we got started. Contractions started slowly and felt like normal menstrual cramps for about two hours but since they were getting progressively stronger and longer I didn't have to have any pitocin (yay!). The contractions really never hurt that bad and I just laid on my side for most of the time and breathed through them. It definitely helped that I had my pillow from home to snuggle into. My back started hurting so at 12:30 my nurse made me stand up on the side of the bed for 10 minutes in case the baby was turned funny and putting pressure on my back. I only made it 7 minutes standing (my Grandma was watching the clock) before my contractions started hurting really bad so I got back into bed and called for drugs for the first time. My doctor was right out in the hall, so she came in and checked me and I was about 7.5 cm, and said they would get me some Stadol. I get a little confused right here with the time because as soon as the doctor walked out of the room I felt like pushing, but I thought I was only 7.5 cm so I was YELLING for medicine as the urge was unbearable. I think I went from 7.5 to complete in about two minutes and so the nurses and doc came back in to see why I was so irate and saw the baby crowning! So intead of bringing me medicine they said, PUSH!!, so I did. (Little did they know, before they came back in I had already pushed twice. I couldn't help it!) Two pushes, and the head was out, one more, and Carly was here!

I did it completely naturally and I can't even believe it. I totally planned on having some IV meds but my pain never got bad enough until it was too late. I wouldn't change the way it went for anything though. I feel great! Carly is a perfectly healthy baby, she even got a 9 and 10 on her APGARs. The nurses said they are usually very stingy with the 10s. She is nursing really well and is just beautiful. She really looks JUST like Caleb did as a newborn, so much that the only way we can tell the pictures apart is because the nurses put a purple bow on her head. When Caleb came and met his sister he just loved her. He poked at her and kissed her and said, "baby" a few times. It was very sweet.

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