Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Happy Hot October

I can't believe it's October and it's still 90s outside. I guess it's payback for a mild summer.. just dragging it out for a higher average for the year. (In my finance brain that makes sense).

Preschool rocks! Now that we are in cribs, the kids actually sleep! Today, Caleb even slept in his crib in our room. It was simply amazing. It may have helped that he's on drugs for a sinus infection, but he was so pleasant all day (not that he's not lovely all the time) and he didn't have his paci except for sleeping times. A miracle! Starting tomorrow, no more pacis besides to sleep with. Today was a turning point on that. And I got to thinking, if he's not totally off them by the time baby girl gets here, it will be even harder for him to give it up if he sees little sister sucking on one. So that's the new goal. No more pacis by the arrival of little sis. Potty training can wait, and so can a big boy bed, but the paci has to go! Now I need the will power....

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