Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Break!

I guess this is our first official spring break, since we now adhere to school schedules. Ahhhh, the days when I didn't know or care when the school-age kids were on spring break... the only reason to know was to avoid the zoo/parks/museums that week.

We had a fun filled week. It started with a long stay at my grandparents house out in the country. It rained a good bit of the weekend, but by Sunday after church, the sky was clearing up and soon the sun came out.

Walking out to the car with Great-Grandpa

We played in the sun,

climbed fences and gates,

rode the tractor around,

and swang in the woods.

I love this place so much. The quiet of the country calms my spirit and brings rest to my soul! The beauty of God's creation sings everywhere I look.

After we came home we took PaPaw's fishing boat out to the lake. It was the kids' first time on a real boat on a big lake. Caleb was pretty terrified, and Carly loved it!! It took about 45 minutes of driving around before Caleb finally got comfortable enough to get out of his seat. We floated a while and fished a little. By the time we left, both kids agreed that we HAD to come back and catch a fish next time.

Greg let me drive! Look out!

Carly drove too!

I am exhausted but relaxed all at the same time! And sooooooo ready for summer now!

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