Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Caleb's 6th Birthday

Our boy is 6!! We had his party this weekend, and it was Lego Lego Lego!! The boy is a fanatic about those Legos, so it was a natural choice for party theme. Pinterest has given me so many ideas that this party was a smash! I'm going to do a feature post on AlexiaJean.com with all the decor and preparations, but this one is about Caleb!!

We played around with iPhoto and made the invitations in Picnik, which turned out so great!!

Can't believe my sweet boy is 6 already!!!

Lego lookalike cookie cake! Loved it!

blowing out the candles

Opening gifts

I have to brag on my boy. He was so very thoughtful and sweet to his friends. He read every card, and thanked every gift-giver sincerely. I was afraid he was going to say something ungrateful, like kids unintentionally do, but he was so grown up. I just love him!!

OH! And we also lost our first tooth last week! It was just perfect timing. Our Snaggle-toothed Six-year-old!

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