Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Scenes

Here are some scenes from our Spring so far....

Caleb wrote his name totally unprompted! I'm not pushing learning letters and reading before Kindergarten, so I was pretty surprised when he busted that out!

Caleb's cute little soccer team - the Little Bears!

Carly posing in front of the azaleas


I completely love this picture.. she was done posing and was on her way back inside. Just funny.

We have some new neighbors! These guys live with the cows in the field behind us. They are friendly, unlike the cows!

Swinging at sunset

These a re a few little video clips I took of the kids. Watch them if you have a few minutes! The first one is worth your time, I promise (I think they are all worth your time, but they are my kids, so of course I feel that way!)

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